2021 Online Blog Auction

Welcome to our 2021 FWF Online Blog Auction! This auction starts on Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. and continues until midnight Saturday, October 16. Highest bidders will be notified on Sunday, October 17. Florida Writers Foundation thanks you very much for participating! Thank you to our generous donors, who made this fun event possible! Thank you, technology! Thank you to our writing community here in Florida and across the globe! Thank you to friends and families who are interested in these items and want to pay less for them! You have 18 items to choose from, each with their own blog, below. Scroll down to see all of them, click to learn more. To place a bid, you must comment here on the blog. You will be asked to give your email in order to comment, which ensures we can contact you for notification. Check back all weekend to see if someone outbids you. Bidding up: Follow the increments posted. For example: if the bidding starts at $75, and the increments are $25, the minimum bid up would be $100 (not $80 or $95.) If you really want the item, and aren’t sure how often you can revisit the website over the weekend, bid really high! There is no maximum. And all of the proceeds go towards literacy program grants in Florida. Win-win! Highest bidder: Sunday morning, October 17, all bids will be checked and highest bidders will be notified by email. Notifications will include total cost and payment instructions using our FWF website Donate Here page tab. After payment is received, the items will be mailed to their winners. If winners do not pay within 48 hours, the next runner up will be notified, etc. Use of items: FWF is not responsible for linking winners with donors. All the information you will need to use your items will be enclosed for you. Unless a donor asks specifically, FWF will not be notifying them of the winner’s name or other information. Please see donor websites for other inquiries. Thank you for participating!

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