Colors of the Holidays (2020)

Colors of the Holidays FUNDRAISER

On Saturday, December 5, Florida Writers Foundation hosted a mini writing competition to celebrate the holidays and raise funds to promote literacy.  Click HERE to read the winning entries. The following is information about the event:

Rob Sanders wrote a little Christmas story and sent it off for a critique. He had no idea that it would be published by one of America’s best-loved publishers–Golden Books/Random House. He didn’t know that eight years after that book release he would have thirteen picture books on bookstore shelves and four more slated for release. And he didn’t know that his little story about three cowboys who celebrated Christmas out on the range would warm hearts and start a writing career. Rob will tell you all about what he didn’t know and what he has learned during his presentation, COWBOYS, CHRISTMAS, AND ME.

Joyce Sweeney, who is our 2021 Florida Writer of the Year, and an agent with the Seymour Agency, will make a guest appearance to share writing opportunities for poets. Before becoming an agent, she was a mentor to many writers, and is a published author of fourteen books. Her free publishing podcast helps writers understand the publishing industry. Learn more at

To read the winning entries, click HERE

Your donation HERE to Florida Writers Foundation helps us to raise funds to promote literacy. A donation is not required for entry.



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While there is no minimum required to enter this competition, this Color of the Holidays is a fundraiser for FWF and we appreciate whatever you can give to help us bring literacy to more people in Florida. A list of the worthy organizations to which we have awarded a grant are listed HERE.

Even if you do not have a short story or poem to enter, please donate HERE and plan to join us for this wonderful holiday event.

This program will be hosted on Zoom. The sign in information will be sent to all registrants on Friday morning, December 4, 2020 and again on Saturday afternoon, December 5, 2020.

Join us on Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 7 PM for a celebration of poets and authors, to hear Mary Flynn and Joyce Sweeney…and…to hear the six authors read the top three poems and prose.

Thank you to Melody Dean Dimick, President of Florida Writers Foundation and to Linda Kraus, Vice President of Florida Writers Foundation, for their help in securing speakers and organizing this fundraiser event.