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The Florida Writers Foundation, Inc. (FWF) is a nonprofit corporation formed to promote literacy by enhancing writing skills in children, teens, and adults. We partner with existing programs and initiatives as well as developing new programs. A sister organization of the Florida Writers Association (FWA), the two groups have many volunteers in common who have made a difference in people’s lives by visiting elementary schools for reading days, sponsoring poetry contests, donating books to schools, and contributing funds to promote school writing contests. We look forward to contributing funds to high school writing contests and visiting high schools.

FWA helps the Florida Writers Foundation raise funds by hosting a silent auction during the annual Florida Writers Conference. Another fundraiser, the Florida Writers Foundation Celebrity Workshop, takes place right before the conference. These funds are designated for organizational grants, according to the following guidelines.

Educational Mission of FWF: The educational mission of the Florida Writers Foundation and financial grants for qualified organizations in Florida who engage in educational activities and projects that are compatible with the FWF mission. These organizations may include public or private schools, PTA’s, nonprofits, or other institutions whose projects and activities fit the parameters, values, and mission of the FWF.

Grants: The FWF will determine the number of recipients of educational funds each year, and the amount of each award, based on the previous year’s fundraising efforts. Understanding that the amount of funds varies from year to year.

Qualifications & Requirements: The FWF will take a variety of factors into account when determining who to award grants to, and the amounts of the awards. Therefore, applicants should submit a packet that includes a cover letter, the appropriate application from the FWF website, and the requested documents.

Application Process: Please visit our website,, to download the appropriate application. Scholarship applications should be submitted by May 1, and grant applications by September 1. The Committee will review the applications and notify applicants within two months whether they have been selected. Public announcement of the scholarships and grants will be made at the Florida Writers Celebrity Workshop in the fall. Recipients will be invited to the conference, where they will be given the funds. Applicants who are not selected to receive a scholarship or grant are welcome to reapply the following year.

Reapplying the Following Year: Applicants who were not selected to receive a scholarship or grant are welcome to reapply the next year. Those who were selected to receive funds are also welcome to reapply the following year. Recipients of an award do not automatically receive funds the next time around. Each award is a one-time scholarship or grant.

Getting the Word Out: The Florida Writers Foundation wants as many organizations as possible to know about the opportunities to apply for the FWF grants. Information will be disseminated electronically by email and social media. We will include the information in our all Conference materials and announcements. Plus, we’ll issue a news release for the award announcements at the fall Florida Writers Celebrity Workshop.

Follow-up for Grant Recipients: Representatives of the organization should report back with photographs and event results of the grant-supported program or project.

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